Diio Unveils the Fresh Market Insights of its Supercharged New Diio Mi® 3.0 at Routes Americas in Denver

Reston, VA, January 23, 2015 — Diio,, a global provider of self-service business intelligence solutions to the airline and travel industries, is excited to announce the release of a major update to its flagship market intelligence tool Diio Mi.

Diio will be attending the Routes Americas event in Denver from February 1st to 3rd to show off the power of its new upgrades.

"Diio has continually enhanced its Diio Mi tool since its release over a decade ago," Diio Chief Marketing Officer Joel Antolini said. "The Diio Mi 3.0 release once again cements the tool's position as the world's market intelligence leader in aviation data, analysis tools, and technology. Our customers asked for added power and convenience. Diio Mi 3.0 delivers."

Introducing Diio Mi 3.0

Developed by aviation professionals for aviation professionals, Diio Mi now puts even more control in the hands of its users with these powerful new features:

  • New Autocomplete Filters: Say goodbye to code lookups and region dropdowns. Say hello to ease and simplicity. Diio has rewritten its input filters in Diio Mi 3.0 so that users can simply type in the name of Airlines, Airports, and Regions to get an input value. Diio's Autocomplete functionality then provides a list of selectable options for the user to choose. Users already familiar with Airline and Airport codes can still enter them the traditional way.
  • New Automatic Reporting Capabilities: Diio Mi 3.0 makes running reports easier and more convenient than ever before. Diio users can now schedule vital reports to run automatically when new data becomes available or according to a schedule as they please. Additionally, users can now send reports with vast amounts of data straight to background processing, avoiding interruption of their work sessions. When processing is complete, Diio Mi will send an email notification to the user's inbox. The new Report Hub features of Diio Mi 3.0 give users maximum control over how and when they access strategic business intelligence.
  • New Catchment Mapper: Market demographics visualization gets a Diio Mi 3.0 boost with the new Catchment Mapper. Beautiful new graphics provide the stage for fresh insights driven by new datasets with more economic indicators. Users simply input an airport value and a drive time limit. The new Catchment Mapper does the rest, not only mapping how long it takes passengers to drive to the airport, but also giving key demographics on the area in which they live.

About Diio,

Diio, is a world leader in business intelligence tools and technology for the airline and travel industries. The company is the preferred business intelligence source for hundreds of the world's leading airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, aviation advisors, travel professionals, and destination marketers. Diio's airline customers collectively account for more than 70 percent of global capacity and include the top 18 carriers in North America.