Gain deep insights into the leisure travel market.

Key Market Locator users include:

  • Airline Route and Network Planners
  • Airline Schedulers
  • Airline Market Managers, Sales Managers and Marketing Planners
  • Airport Marketing Managers and Business Developers
  • Destination Marketers
  • Industry and Financial Analysts

Available as a Diio Mi option, the ARC Market Locator helps U.S. airline, airport and destination marketing organizations make informed marketing decisions.

With a dataset that includes tens of millions of ticketed transactions, the tool's data mirrors the consumer purchase and travel behavior likely seen in the broader travel industry. Through a combination of travelers' geographic location, flight itinerary and other value-added information, Market Locator provides unique and unprecedented insight into U.S. air passenger preferences. And with its multiple geographic aggregation options (metro area, city, and ZIP code), Locator promotes the kind of market analyses that lead to inspired business decisions.

Market Locator's intuitive design makes it easy to produce summary charts and mapping tools that are easy to interpret. Presentation-ready downloads save time and offer effective meeting support.

Market Locator delivers:

  • Truly accurate point-of-sale data: POS data—to the Zip code level—reveals market intelligence critical to market analysis, competitive benchmarking and air service development.
  • Timely information—past, present and future: Datasets begin in September 2009, are updated daily within a 3-5-day window and even allow forecasting based on advance ticket sales.
  • Problem-solving power: Data provide insights into leakage and diversion, media buying strategies, the effectiveness of marketing and many other forms of competitive analysis.

Market Locator features:

  • Comprehensive filters: Conduct limitless queries to confirm hunches, reveal new insights and answer specific questions.
  • Data export options: Download detailed data from your queries for analysis offline.
  • Toggled views: Switch instantly between different measurements and calculations to display data the way you
    want it.
  • Interactive maps: Visually explore point-of-sale and
    travel behavior with integrated mapping that also provides demographic detail.
  • Premium/non-premium distribution: Segment data by
    class-of-service to see and compare the relative value of ticket purchases.
  • Location analysis: Combine the interconnected mapping and chart features to highlight the geography of purchaser point-of-sale.
  • Point-of-origin analysis: Understand how airport selection relates to point-of-sale based on the airport where passengers begin their travel.
  • Destination analysis: View information for any domestic or international destination using the outbound portion of a ticket itinerary.
  • Origin & destination analysis: See airport pairings with the convenience of substituting the city market in cases where airport codes are unfamiliar.
  • Marketing carrier analysis: Measure and compare carriers, both operating and codeshare partners, that promote flights on specific routes.
  • Class-of-service analysis: Take a more granular look at the distribution of first class, business class, full economy class, discount economy class and other groupings.

Harness the power of ARC Market Locator and Diio Mi.

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