Your first class ticket to fares and market sizes worldwide.

Key Diio Mi Fares & Market Size users include:

  • Airport Executives
  • Airport Marketing Managers and Business Developers
  • Destination Marketing Organizations

Ticket intelligence based on nearly a billion settlements each year.

Diio Mi's standard feature set includes U.S. passenger traffic data made available to the domestic market by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). But DOT restrictions and the lack of participation by non-U.S. carriers can make airport marketing and international air service development particularly challenging.

To bridge these critical intelligence gaps, Diio has developed a sophisticated Fares and Market Size (FM) module. Available as an option to Diio Mi subscribers, FM combines domestic and international fares and market size data based on actual and completed transactions.

Diio collaborated with Airlines Reporting Corporation® (ARC) and International Air Transportation Association (IATA) to provide domestic and international fare and market information. This intelligence is based on ticket settlements from nearly a billion tickets each year and covers U.S. ticket sales and sales from more than 160 countries, including hard to find sales data for countries like China and Russia.

FM delivers the actual fares passengers paid—rather than fare estimates based on less reliable booking data. FM combines actual ticket data from travel agencies worldwide to estimate the number of passengers who travel point to point around the globe. By aggregating ticket sale data from 30 global distribution systems, including those in the U.S., FM builds confidence as you calculate market sizes with unmatched precision.

Three FM options are available to Diio Mi airport subscribers:

  • FM Domestic: Developed for U.S. airports to look at domestic traffic
  • FM Global: Developed for airports in Canada and airports and DMOs in the Caribbean
  • FM International: Developed for U.S. airports and DMOs focused on U.S. to international markets

Harness the combined power of ARC, IATA and Diio Mi.

For pricing information and a full demonstration, contact Diio today. To contact a Diio professional directly, call: 408.353.0530, or call toll free: 855.DIIONET (855.344.6638).